Monday, January 14, 2008

Update As At January 1st, 2008

On behalf of all the Tsum sanghas and other communities, we like to wish all the benefactors, volunteers, friends and direct or indirect supporters a very happy, healthy and successful meaningful 2008 year. In both Rachen Nunnery and Mu Monastery, they are performing extensive 4 Mandala Offerings, Tara Puja conjoined with Medicine Buddha practice, Incense Puja, Amitabha Pure Land Puja, Heart Sutra, Diamond Cutter Sutra and Long Life Deity practice everyday without any break through out the year especially dedicated to the long life of our guru His Holiness Dalai Lama, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Khenrinpoche, Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche and to all the benefactors and supporters of this project. It will also be dedicated extensively for every good purpose of your life and I like to request you do the same from your side. These make things more effective and if you wish to add any specific dedication and name please e-mail to me and I will gladly forward them to our Tsum manager.

In end November 2007, Geshela Tenzin Choylay who is the resident teacher in Tsum Monastery and Nunnery, manager Ven Tenzin Lhundup, doctor Anila Dogra, the four other teachers and 50 over young nuns plus some senior nuns and monks from Rachen Nunnery and Mu Monastery came down to Kopan Monastery to spend winter for about two months during the heavy snow in Tsum. Their advantage was to learn philosophy from Khenrinpoche and with the ability to upgrade their studies by following the study program in Kopan. They also celebrated their new year there and receive profound teachings from the great masters followed by the annual great prayer festival. I was very delighted to see the joy of all the young nuns and monks with their faces glowing with much happiness. They were happy and felt contended as they had the opportunity to survey the progress of their study. They had done a good job!

The medical team, teachers and of course the manager and Geshela is doing a great job. Both the monastery and nunnery are really flourishing both in dharma as well as living condition and that is very pleasing and encouraging.

I was updated on the accountings by both the Kopan and Tsum Manager and I must say they did very clear and detailed accounts. I really thank them for that. At the same time it was extremely shocking to know we have spent a lot until the fund is below zero! Nevertheless I have full faith in the triple gem and I do not intend to stop any works.

We are almost at the completion stage of the sanghas room, living facilities, school and medical centre in the nunnery and we still need expenses for food and other administration.

Mu Monastery is half way through their constructions of rooms, school and other living conditions which started beginning of last year and will take at least another two years for completion. I also have in mind to build a big gompa like the one in the nunnery plus many other plans.

I am just waiting and praying for the miracle, the great bodhisattva benefactor to descend into this very poor, critical, needy and important project. Whoever great hearted being who wish to be part of this compassionate service to those urgent needy people in the Himalayas, big or small are most welcome and appreciated. You can directly contact me via my email or mobile +6017-2940399