Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Chinese New Year and Losar Greetings

To all my dearest most respected enlightened gurus and sanghas, dharma brothers and sisters, all the compassionate and kind sponsors and supporters of TSUM Himalaya Sangha project,

We all TSUM Sanghas, staff and all the villagers would like to wish everyone all the happiness filled with abundance and prosperity plus an enlightening both Chinese and Tibetan new year.

I have arranged 1 million recitation of the Compassionate Buddha’s mantra practice, millions of recitation of Guru Rinpoche mantra and 8 sets of Nyung Nay retreats by all sanghas and lay people from Tsum Village everyday and in each session these prayers are dedicated to all the sponsors and supporter’s good health, long life, prosperity and enlightenment. This is our way of showing appreciation for your kind support all these years.

For your information, I have done an observation and the above practice comes out most beneficial to benefactors and supporter of TSUM. All past years, we continue to do pujas and prayers for all.

If you have any one you like to include in our daily prayers and dedication, please email me at

In the meantime, I like to inform everyone that the past 6 years of TSUM Project have been very successful, well managed and has brought great benefit to the TSUM villagers in particularly over 100 sanghas is equipped with proper education with qualified teachers, better living conditions, food, medication and qualified doctors.

Spiritual Gurus like Geshe Tenzin Chogley came along the way we all wished and I can say that we have saved the pure dharma practice in that village. We have restored and establish unbelievable education practices and living conditions which were very much needed by the sanghas and villagers. All these can only happen because of you benefactors and supporters who have been so kind, compassionate and generous.

I have many visions and with the blessings of my Gurus Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup to actualize new gompas (prayer halls), many holy object shrines, proper facilities for Nyung Nay retreats and other retreats where millions of various mantras are recited and dedicated for world peace, long life of gurus and especially for benefactors and supporters.

My vision is to build a gompa where we can host at least one thousand people. We are in the process of architectural drawing, marking the land and sourcing suppliers. My other visions are to actualize a huge image of 1,000 arm Compassionate Buddha, build 100 huge stupas and restoring one amazing unique prayer wheel which has the history of self turning by the dakini angels when there are no human beings. All these wonderful meritorious projects are benefiting to world project and these visions can only be actualized by the kindness and generosity of benefactors coming together.

I pray that every single moment karma ripens and every single moment we come together to actualize this vision which has the great power to bring peace and happiness in the world and all being.

Anybody who is also inspired with this vision and would like to participate in this meritorious charity project to email me at

Thank you.

Geshe Zopa, Tsum Sanghas and Staffs.